Since 28 years, we are developing versatile learning environments
by innovative and effective use of technology.

We are a Leader in Educational Technologies

As SEBIT, with our 28 year research and development experience and international organization, we are the leading and the largest learning technologies company of Turkey.

Empowered by the group synergy of Turkish Telecom, we keep contributing to the advancement of education by bridging the gap between technology and content with a holistic approach.

Our Mission and Our Vision

Our Mission: To contribute to the global transformation in education by providing the educational stakeholders the environment in which 21st century competencies can be acquired.

Our Vision: Being one of the leading learning technology companies in the world, to continue directing the change in this field.

Our Educational Ecosystem

Since the day we were founded in 1988, we have targeted to develop the educational solutions of the new century and educational ecosystem of Turkey.

Today, we are proud that we achieved this goal with our comprehensive solutions ranging from educational content to technology platform, smart assessment and teacher trainings.

Sebit Agenda

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Turkish High School Entrance Exam
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