The FATIH Initiative of MoE Turkey
The FATIH Initiative (“Fırsatları Artırma Teknolojiyi İyileştirme Hareketi” or in English "The Initiative for Enhancing Opportunities and Improving Technology for Education") aims to achieve equal opportunities in learning & teaching and to ensure the effective use of technology in education. This unique initiative is among the most significant educational investments of Turkey and hence a huge commitment for the development of the country.
MoE Turkey is working closely with the IT and education industry to achieve the goals of FATIH. SEBIT, with three decades of experience in educational technology, is officially partnering with the Turkish MoE in provisioning e-content and educational software platforms for this initiative.
Malaysia 1-1 Education Project
The critical components of 1-to-1 education in the cloud has beed designed for the Malaysia project in collaboration with Microsoft. The project provided both online and near offline solutions to cover all scenarios where access to the internet can be limited due to geographical constraints.
All steps in the 1-to-1 education flow, including the tablet setup for delivery, activation, device management, class managemeng, content ecosystem, communication and collaboration platform, etc. were elaborated and adapted to the requirements of the Malaysian Ministry of Education. The proof of concept implementation of the VCloud solution has been tested and verified by the Malaysian MoE.
Chile Project
Sebit’s interactive content in Spanish has been chosen by the Ministry of Education Chile to deepen their students' conceptual learning in math and science.
From 2013 to 2016, middle and high school students across Chile took the advantage of high-quality math and science content to extend classroom learning beyond the school day and deepen their understanding of core concepts and skills. The Ministry of Education has chosen to add Sebit’s Vitamina, a Spanish instructional solution developed specifically for Latin America, to YoEstudio, a free, content-based portal for Chilean students in grades 1-12.
Vitamin Öğretmen
Thailand Project
Thailand Ministry of Education is very punctilious about 1-to-1 education projects as the prior implementations were beset with several problems mainly caused by cheap and unqualified devices as well as the content, platforms and services were underestimated and not designed thoroughly during the execution. The VCloud solution was implemented in a selected school as a pilot project in collaboration with Microsoft and the Thailand Ministry of Education. The Ministry appreciated the VCloud solution and found it very useful.
Vitamin Arabic for Saudi Telecom Company Project
The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) have selected Sebit's Vitamin Arabic Product as a Value Added Service for the customers of the STC. Sebit and STC worked closely to market the product initially for the home segment customers. Besides, Sebit and STC have designed an education model for the Saudi Ministry of Education focusing on the efficacy of the rural public schools in KSA by introducing technology, content and teacher support services.
Vitamin Öğretmen
Vitamin Öğretmen
iClass Project

Conceived by the visionary leadership of SEBIT, iClass is an R&D project on intelligent course management which is supported by the 6th Framework Programme for Research and Technology Development of the European Commission. This 22 partner project was the only integrated project in the Programme which is technically coordinated from Turkey.
The aim of the project is to build the infrastructure of an intelligent system in European Standards that can provide specific learning material for each and every user corresponding to their knowledge state, learning style and needs.
LEA's BOX Project
Learning analytics and 'big data' are recent hot topics in contemporary educational research. The main goal is to make educational assessment and planning more goal-oriented, pro-active, and beneficial for individual students
4 partners of the LEA’s BOX project is dedicated to develop a learning analytics toolbox that is intended to enable educators to perform competence-centered, multi-source learning analytics. The project is supported by the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technology Development of the European Commission. Sebit evaluates project outcomes with pilots, and leads work packages on product design and market implementation.
Adaptive Curriculum
Vitamin Öğretmen
BEACONING is an Innovation Action project which will build a game-based learning platform that aims to gamify lesson plans and present them with contextualized content, especially for learners with special needs, in order to create learning opportunities that are independent of time and place.
The BEACONING platform includes authoring tools for building play-lesson plans and setting personalization options. The plans run at the cloud based platform, followed on mobile devices and can have analytical evaluations.
The project has 15 partners and it is supported by the 8th Framework Programme for Research and Technology Development of the European Commission (a.k.a Horizon 2020). Sebit evaluates project outcomes with pilots, and leads work packages on product design and market implementation.