Transforming Education
We are contributing to the global transformation in education by providing students, teachers and school leaders environments where they can acquire 21st century competencies.
Active online learning, concept mastery, motivation… As a powerful solution for Math and science education, Adaptive Curriculum targets middle school and high school teachers and students in USA.
Chile, Argentina, Mexico. Vitamina is a Spanish Math and Science learning platform, localized entirely to Latin American culture.
Online, interactive Math and Science solution designed for middle and high school students in USA to use at home to dramatically improve their grades in school.
Combination of research-based pedagogy with state-of-the-art visualization and interaction… Vitamin is the preeminent online educational support service for K-12.
An end-to-end “academic backbone” for MoEs that meets the needs of all education stakeholders.
Rich content, study plans, student-specific guidance… As a personalized university preparation product, Raunt is the leader of its kind.
Solutions for Ministries of Education (MoEs) and Institutions
For the last 3 decades, we are developing versatile learning environments all around the world by innovative and effective use of technology. We provide digital educational content and platforms for Ministries of Education (MoEs) in Malaysia, Tailand, Chile, and Turkey. We are also partner with institutions throughout the world, in Saudi Arabia, China, European Union and USA.

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